The University of San O'dia is part of the Jeuno National College system.

NPC InformationEdit

  • Ayn Rand is a human civilian Professor of Probability and Creative Uncertainty. She is (player character human wizard)'s most trusted colleague. She is fairly well-connected within the university, and knows nearly every faculty member. She wants to develop a Improbability Orb. She fears being denounced for publishing only two papers ever. (Admittedly absolutely breakthrough papers, but still... a very small number.)
  • Rachel Carson is the head of the Division of Astronomy at the San O'dia University.  She wants to become popular among other academics. She fears being outcast.
  • Arcanist Qira Parfell is an elven civilian Senior Professor of Magical Herbology.  She wants to create a plant-based revival charm.  She fears that her research will be sabatoged or stolen by other academics.

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