Wearing the signet ring, Aiolos stepped into the glyph sequence, and the lightly-shaded forest melted away.  As if via illusion, he quickly found himself standing amidst a veritable ocean of plants. There were planter-boxes as far as he could see, above him floated an immense crystal-clear sky preciously clutching a handful of clouds and a spring sun, gently filling Aiolos with the warmth of a countryside hearth. Despite the sunny sky, he heard and smelled the muted presence of rainclouds gratifying the plants. Below him stood a soft loam, steeping the air with its hospitable aroma and welcoming him with a narrow path through the sea of green. He felt an overwhelming sense of contentment, and a surge of renewed vitality drove him forward.

Approaching the monastery--it couldn't have been bigger than three, perhaps four rooms--Aiolos found a monk, apparently in meditation.

Within the fields of The Monastery of Elona, a copy of every nonmagical plant in the Prime Material Plane grows. As a demiplane created by Elona, the monastery is limited only by her magical abilities. The naturally fertile soil, frequently aided by her monk's fertilization magic, permits nearly any plant to flourish.

Ordinary mortals often visit the monastery desperate for an herbal cure, although there are a few who hunt down the monastery's most treasured export: a Bottle of Elonian Wine.

NPC InformationEdit

  • Deirdre (deer-dree): She is a human cleric (lv13) of Elona (age 530, appears 55). Raised in Cuatl to a moderately well-off family of farmers, she found an affinity with the plants around her. When she was 31 years old, Elona chanced upon Deirdre at Teki's annual Harvest Festival. She desires a peaceful remainder of her life at the Monastery. She fears the waning of Elona's power, which is mostly split among her various relics.
  • Crescere (kre-seer): He is a dwarven cleric (lv7) of Elona (age 260, appears 30). Raised in Sanctum to a well-off smithing family, he found a greater calling in foraging and harvesting the hardy mushrooms that grew in the nearby mountains. When he was 18, he lost himself wandering in the underground caverns, and found himself in the Feywilds... Elona chanced upon him, and offered him a monk position at the monastery. He wants to continue exploring, discovering, and making wines (which is fairly doable with the monastery's unique arboretum). He fears being disgraced by other dwarves.
  • Theodora Signora: She is a human civilian signet-bearer. Her family has strong ties to the religious community at San O'dia. This signet has been owned by the Signora family for over 500 years.

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