The Temple of Ramuh is the site of an archaeological dig, believed to have been constructed in 2500 BU.  It is located to the east of Agnos Rock.

Research NotesEdit

The temple appears to be a three-level ziggurat, although for some odd reason the interior is hollow. Architecture has still been unable to determine how the building stands together. Aether Studies has been unable to provide accurate readings of the aetherometric readings nearby, apparently due to the magical power flares that it frequently ejects.

The base level contains a rune crafted from turquoise, and has somehow been modified to contain much more magical electricity than any other form of turquoise we have observed. Even the Watcher of the Stars cannot compare. The rune has been dated to be among the earliest magical scripts, and roughly translates to "quickness", although it could also be interpreted as "lightning", "movement", "awareness", or even "vitality".

The second level contains an intriguing time-warp spell that resets all magical influence (not extracted to another area). In doing so, it appears that an infinite amount of energy can be generated from extraction, violating the Principal Rules of Magic. We're not entirely sure how this is done, however...

Archaeology has determined that the third level was used mostly to study astronomy, and that any information we could have gleaned from these mysterious magicians has been lost through the ages.

Government DataEdit

We have appointed Professor Withorn, of the Char Republic, to conduct research here, as the time-warp magic at the temple allow for an infinite amount of energy to be created without the need to further draw from our already overburdened grids.

With some luck, he will be able to build and sustain a magical battery able to power a small city for at least a month. In time, we hope that this will be useful for a proper colonization on Nova, especially after the previous disaster...

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