The Outlands exist as a third "ring" of existence around Tempus.  The Outlands exist primarily as a physical means of transportation between the planes of Tempus.

The Outlands are arranged as a flat, circular plane around Nexus, a city built in the center of the Outlands. In the center of Nexus is the Fargate, a circle of stone pillars believed to have been erected by Althyk himself. Ordinarily, the Fargate is the only accessible method to reach the Farplane. Nexus has a powerful anti-magic field, able to dramatically limit the powers of (and even silence) Greater Deities when nearby or within the city. However, Fargate-derived magic functions without interference within Nexus; this magic functions without issue within the city and gradually loses potency away from the city. Fargate-derived magic has no effect outside of the Outlands.

Along the edge of the Outlands lie border towns, which are constructed around gates to the Outer Planes of Tempus.

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