The Order of Commerce is a massive trader's guild, aiming to control all trade on Tempus. Currently, it has influence in Cragstead, King Jalis' State, the Kingdom of Jeuno, and the Char Republic.

NPC InformationEdit

Jack Tristen: human (age 36) bard (lv10) leader of the OOC. Born in King Jalis' State, he quickly recognized the great power of trade, and how people could harness that power for their own good. At the age of 15, he purchased a horse and began his life as a trader. At 17, he had amassed enough influence among his fellow traders to join the OOC. At 22, he became the manager of the guild's Jalis Region. By 23, he had succeeded Lan Sterling as the leader of the OOC. Wants: to expand the OOC to all nations. Fears: He intimidated Lan into stepping down, and knows that Lan greatly resents this.

Taklinn Sjolfkin: Dwarven (age 117/350) bard (lv14) manager of Jeuno Region. Born in Michoa, he left the country at 4 with his family, escaping an attack by the Char Republic. He grew up in Kendil, in eastern Jeuno. There he learned of city life, and of city elves. Wants: Amass enough money to purchase an estate in the kingdom. Fears: military conflict.

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