The Marked Temple sits in (location to be determined).

Built some years ago by an unknown cult, it stored a handful of weak magical objects.  The protection system, still active today, is perhaps one of the interestingly-designed security systems for magical storehouses.  Current research suggests that it has a vast well of magical energy to pull from, although where this well is stored (or indeed, how it was filled in the first place) has yet to be determined.  Further, the temple's magic only triggers when Medium-sized beings are introduced into the temple, further allowing its longevity.

After the initial excursion by an adventuring party, magical archaeologists have determined that highly similar magic defends the temple and allows passage through its various gates.  The thought process of utilizing magic infused into orbs, which could be later adjusted via more magical infusion, has been suggested multiple times in older scripts.  However, this is the earliest instance of this technology that has been discovered.

In the past, such temples were likely used for meditation or ritualistic purposes, providing relative safety to those who were sealed within its barrier.

Research NotesEdit

The field of fire has a default strength, which appears to have been hard-casted and is unmodifiable. However, the use of the orbs scattered throughout the temple allows users to modify its strength. We have found that increasing the flame strength to the maximum permitted, which we have labelled as 35, opens a corridor the previous expedition party certainly missed. In here, there is a shrine dedicated to some lost god, as well as various worship paraphernalia.

It appears that white orbs reduce the fire's strength by 1, purple orbs reduce the strength by 2, and blue orbs reduce its strength by 3. Tossing any of these orbs directly into the fire will multiply the orb's effects fivefold. On the other hand the red orbs will bolster the flame's strength by 5.

Placing the orbs into and of the niches on the second floor will double its potency. We are still unsure how this was achieved.

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