Logic Magic, at its core, focuses on information manipulation. This information may be stored as raw text or raw memory (image, sound, smell, etc.) Forged by Johan Bacchus at the Fargate in AU 207, Magitrans (Formerly MAGITRANS, derived from Magical Information Translating System) continues to be used for computing and communication today. Logic Magic is a formalized magic form, designed to control the behavior of magically stored information.

Magitrans has a wide array of abilities. Below are descriptions and implementations of common uses:

Categorical SearchEdit

Runes acting as search operators are inscribed and bound in a seal, which is activated via Protoform (derived from Protocol for Magitization), most commonly via flame consumption. When Search is casted, connecting the operators with a pre-written database, a RevTD (Reverse Translation Device) can be used to convert information back to physical form, most commonly an automated writing device.

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