The Kingdom of Jeuno is a nation on the eastern shore of Tempus.  It is bordered to the north by the Char Republic, and separated by a small strip of unclaimed land from King Jalis' State.  To the south, across the Great Ocean, is the subcontinent of Nova.

The Kingdom of Jeuno is a monarchy headed by King Breslow II, although the title "King" is loosely used to refer to any of its 11 heads of city.

With an area of approximately 3,500 sq mi, it is the world's 2nd-largest country.  Its population of approximately 400 thousand people makes it the 5th most populous.  Jeuno, the capital, acts as a political hub, but the country's primary commercial center is San O'dia, with connections to the Char Republic and King Jalis' State.  The port town Nophica is particularly notable for its proximity to Nova.

Its national policy is one of neutral mercantilism, and it is governed by a set of relatively loose regulations, which are in turn loosely enforced.  The loose laws have encouraged many merchants and traders to create their trading bases in Jeuno, making it a hub of international trade.

Jeuno's population consists of 75% humans, 10% elves, 10% half-elves, and the remaining 5% mostly halflings and gnomes.  The large elf population is largely due to the elf villages in the Altana Forest and the Zulk Jungle.  Most elves rarely venture to the western half of the country, instead preferring to stay near their villages.

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