King Jalis' State is a nation on the central shore of Tempus.  It is bordered to the east by the Kingdom of Jeuno, and to the west by Cragstead and Cuatl forward settlement.  To the easy, across the Great Ocean, is the subcontinent of Nova.

King Jalis' State is currently headed by King Jalis XXII.  The new king has traditionally been the most capable son of the previous kings.  Occasionally, adopted sons have been kings.

With an area of 3200 sq mi, it is the world's 5th-largest country. Its population of about 500,000 people makes it the 3rd most populous. The capital, Tromigar, is primarily a political center of the country.

Its national policy is socialist monarchy (alternatively: paternalist), providing a significant number of lifetime benefits to its citizens. This is achievable largely due to export of its renewable resources, managed by the state.

King Jalis' State consists of 30% half-elves, 20% humans, 15% each tieflings and dragonborn, 10% each halflings and gnomes, and 5% mostly dwarves.

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