The Inner Planes are planes of elemental energy that surround Tempus. They are: the Elemental Plane of Water, the Elemental Plane of Earth, the Elemental Plane of Fire, and the Elemental Plane of Air. Reaching the Inner Planes is somewhat difficult; temporary gateways may appear near zones on Tempus powerfully attuned to an element. For instance, the Bermuda Pentagram may contain gates to the Plane of Water.

Together, the Inner Planes provide the raw elemental material for the construction of the Material Plane.

The Elemental Plane of WaterEdit

The plane of water is a great expanse of water, supposedly infinitely deep. All types of aquatic life thrive on this plane, from those near the sunlit surface to those in the pitch-black depths.

The most common method of entering the plane of water is via a ship; in particular, temporary portals to this plane open when a massive storm rides across the waters of Tempus.

Floating within this vast ocean is Aquarin, a city with magical wards that allow it to exist under the surface, but provide host for land- and aquatic-based creature alike.

The Elemental Plane of EarthEdit

The plane of earth consists of caverns and mountains, which reach out in a vast, unchartable reach. The majority of life exists inside these caverns, corresponding with typical life found in caverns on Tempus.

Of particular interest is the City of Jewels, located near the plane's Material Border. Nearly all of the city is constructed using raw or polished jewels, inlaid in precious metals that are mined from ever-growing tunnels reaching into earth by the city.

The Elemental Plane of FireEdit

The plane of fire is a vast desert, with everlasting waves of heat sweltering down from the sky. Here, the sun never sets: it shines blindingly, maddeningly white at noon, and gradually fades to a deep crimson red late at night.

The Djinn make their homes here, and have established the city-tradepost of the Bazaar. A sprawling mess of over 30 square miles, it is the least regulated market within Tempus' associated planes. At the Bazaar, nearly any magical item of interest can be found, and sometimes even rare artifacts trade hands in the Bazaar...

The Elemental Plane of AirEdit

The plane of air contains almost nothing but vast, pure sky, dotted throughout with clouds magicked to become solid living surfaces. The currents that continuously blow through this plane range from pleasant breezes the furious gales that would rip a mountain into dust; even the most durable and skilled fliers need to take care and travel with the gusts here.

There are many stories of hidden domains and palaces constructed among the clouds of this plane, although none have been definitely proven to be true.

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