The Golden Egg of Fertility is an uncategorized magical item.

Current knowledge has suggested the following:

  • People within a wide radius of the egg enjoy a greater amount of vitality after long periods of exposure
  • The egg has an immediate effect on the growth rate of plants near itself
  • The growth rate of plants appears to accelerate over time, although growth already occurs at an extremely rapid pace

Throughout history, people have been able to utilize the egg for numerous purposes. Generally, however, its purposes have been to feed the population. A single small farm (1 square mile) can produce enough food to feed a moderately large city (20,000 people), and the egg's area of influence appears to be much larger than that.

Numerous wars have been fought over the possession of the egg. Particularly notorious is the Battle of Timberline, fought in 1205-1207 AU between Cragstead and King Jalis' State.

Its most recent logged appearance in Koga, from 1405-1502 AU.

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