Foxrod is a system of international public colleges, with campuses established across all 11 nations.

NPC InformationEdit

  • Professor Withorn (FR Libration, General Studies) is a human wizard (lv14) from the Char Republic. He specializes in energy formation, transport, and storage. He designed the magical power system that powers Liberation. He wants to create a new settlement on Nova. He fears being scorned by fellow academics.
  • Dean York Stefan (FR Jeuno) is a half-elf civilian. He was born into a half-elf community on the outskirts of Esca. His father and mother were both academics. He was chosen as the dean of FR Jeuno after he had spearheaded attempts to overthrow the palace at Nophica (see: Nophican Revolution). He wants to expand the FR system of education. He fears the looming power of the crown of Jeuno, and the potential for King Breslow II to rapidly shut down education. He fears the loss of free speech and free thought.
  • Archdean Carol Uriel (FR Administration, Cantavi City) is a human cleric (lv17). She was born into a wealthy family of merchants in Cantavi City. She was chosen as Archdean due to her extensive family donations to Foxrod, as well as her piety to Kormir. She wants to expand FR system of education, and eradicate lack of thoughtfulness. She fears past personal events being discovered (burning books). She is ashamed of her family's excessive wealth.

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