The Farplane exists as a fourth "ring" of existence around Tempus. The purpose of the Farplane is unknown. The entrance to the Farplane is a stone landing, floating above a bed of flowers. To all directions, except the north, lies a massive waterfall lit orange by otherworldly light. Its water flows slower than any ordinary waterfall, and it dissipates into raw magical energy when striking the garden. To the north lies an unending bay, reaching to the horizon in its vastness. Great pillars of unknown substance rise from the bay, reaching infinitely into the chaotic blue-black-red-orange-white sky. Around the bay is a narrow shore, heavily populated with alien plant life. A moon-sun hangs eerily in the heaven, glowing a sickly pale blue and eternally hiding behind a thin black veil of clouds.

Access to the Farplane is only achievable via the Farplane Shift spell, cast at the Fargate. It is thought that Althyk may reside in the Farplane, but the few expeditions there have yielded no results.

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