The Fargate is the most powerful magical site in Tempus, and is located in the center of Nexus, in the Outlands. The Fargate contains ___ stone pillars arranged loosely in a ring around a bare patch of ground. Each of the pillars is covered with inscriptions, with a sigil allowing for easy identification of each pillar; the pillars correspond to the Outer and Inner Planes. It is believed that any magical ability and spell can be derived from these pillars, although the process of interpreting the inscriptions is extremely difficult, requiring significant prior arcane, historical, and linguistic knowledge.

However, the magic derived from the Fargate is far different from that wielded by beings located on the Material Plane, the Inner Planes, or the Outer Planes. First, it requires no mental or physical effort from the caster; indeed, only knowledge of a spell seems to be enough to cast a Fargate spell. Second, Fargate magic appears to break the ordinary Laws of Conservation ordinary magic adheres to; the volume of caster or environmental input appears to have no effect on the outputs of the spell. Third, and perhaps most surprisingly, is that any spell can be forged from the Fargate; with enough focused study time, a spell of any magnitude with any effect can be created. These highly unique properties suggest that the Fargate was designed and used by Althyk himself, and that Fargate magic was used to create the entirety of Tempus.

Occasionally, however, a Fargate-derived spell retains lasting effects after its user leaves the Outlands. These tend to spells that affect the caster, Tempus' planes, or its natural laws.

Fargate MagicEdit

Fargate magic is difficult to categorize into the ordinary school of magic--by nature, its unlimited potential makes it almost uncategorizable. Additionally, the particular combination of arcana that allow any caster to use a spell appear to be different for each individual. However, some historically significant spells are listed below:

  • Forge Knowledge: Used by Boccob in his ascension to a Greater Deity.
  • Judgement: Used by Kormir in her ascension to a Lesser Deity.
  • Planar Control: Used by various Greater and Lesser Deities to create their domains.
  • Assemble: Used by Johan Bacchus to create the field of Logic Magic.
  • Farplane Shift: Allows access to the Farplane.

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