The Elonian Spellbook contains a set of spells forged by Elona at the Fargate. The Elonian Spellbook complements traditional spells, primarily through teleportation spells, skill-related spells, and gardening-related spells. All Elonian spells have no cost to use while within The Monastery of Elona. The following are a selection of Elonian spells:

  • Remote Farm: Enables Elonian monks to administer to all plants within The Monastery of Elona, regardless of the plant's distance to the caster.
  • Fertile Soil: Magically allows soil to become extremely fertile, dramatically increasing yield and dramatically reducing the likelihood of plant disease.
  • Humidify: Generates an intangible raincloud that produces real water.
  • Cure Plant: Cures plants of all known diseases.
  • Remote Contact: Enables contact with any creature on any plane.
  • Greater Teleport: Instantly transports the caster and up to 30 creatures within 1 mile to a destination of choice. Destination must be familiar to the caster, and may be on other planes. A failed cast will not transport anything.

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