The Cyran Forest sits northeast of Cyran.  It is, in fact, closer to San O'dia than Cyran, but for some reason its name has stuck.

The forest itself has been known to have significant amounts of magical influence, potentially due to its location near the Rugged Peaks.

Tree of MisdirectionEdit

Previous adventurers have reported the existence of a tree, which they called the "Tree of Misdirection". Apparently, it has the ability to cause any person to lose their ability to leave the forest.

Its mechanism of action is essentially unknown, and any speculation is strictly based on the reports of the original party. According to the currently leading theory, the tree's spirit is easily malleable, and contact with natural elements infused with part of the tree's spirit will cause the creature to be affected by the tree, similar to the Suggestion spell. Furthermore, the tree is able to amplify the effect of this suggestion to any creature near affected creatures. By this method, a party with a single affected creature will be unable to leave the forest.

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