Cuatl is a nation in the northern regions of Tempus. Directly to the east lies Michoa, and to the west past a vast section of unclaimed land is the Republic of Rall. To the south are the Arca Union and King Jalis' State.

Cuatl is a technocracy, led by the Arcane Council. Of particular note is the Unseen University, located in the heart of Teki, its capital. It is the premier university for any magical studies, and a significant portion of civilization's inventions were invented or first created there.

Cuatl has an area of 2,900 sq mi, and a population 368,634 in the most recent census. This ranks it as the 7th-largest and 6th-most-populous country.

Its national policy is mostly of accelerated magical research, and many researchers have dual-citizenship with Cuatl solely for access to Unseen University.

Cuatl has no published information on racial diversity within its borders. The largest racial group is humans.

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