The Arca Union is a nation of emigrants and outcasts, seeking refuge from the mortal powers on Tempus.  It is a nation in the center of Tempus, and is the only fully landlocked nation in the world (Cuatl and Michoa do not have access to the Great Ocean, but have access to the Frostgorge Sea). It is bordered to the west by the Dominion of Light, and to the south by Cragstead.

The Arca Union is led by The Fundamentals, a circle of 8 demibeings. It is unknown why such powerful individuals would prefer to create their own state, then administer only to this state. The Shrine, Arca's capital building, resides in Ascension, its capital.

The Arca Union has an unknown amount of land, though various reports have placed it between 250 and 2,000 square miles. Regardless, it has the smallest land area of any nation. Its population, between 100,000 and 170,000, is also easily the smallest of any nation.

Its policy is of total neutrality. Internally, it provides a significant number of life benefits to its citizens. However, it is extremely difficult to become a citizens at a whim; its law requires that any new citizens be absolutely desperate, or be born by current citizens. Extremely powerful magical wards provide regulation.

Arca's population is extremely diverse, with approximately 30% humans, and the remaining 70% split nearly equally among the other major races of Tempus.

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