The Adventure Log is a magical item that automatically tracks non-obscured records of travelers' experiences.

(7 day/wk, 5 wk/mo, 11 mo/yr = 35 days/mo, 385 days/year)

Session 1Edit

Month 7, Day 25Edit

[Royal Records] A wizard from San O'dia University, upset by a wandering lunatic's actions, initiated a street fight. A traveling street urchin and an unlucky ranger were caught in the fight. Both were captured and jailed, and sentenced to community service at King Bast's discretion.

Month 7, Day 27Edit

[King Bast's Journal]  I still grieve for mine lady, who hath been affected by a foul spell.  The lady still loves that lady tree for some reason, despite mine protests.  tis still some small comfort that passing travelers provide free worketh to receiveth that lady, I suppose.

[San O'dia Hospital Records] Check-in: pt Sante. Complaints: physical unconsciousness. Tx: rest, rejvl scrl 2. Rx: rec pills x21, taken orally every 8hrs. Discharge: 7/29, no lasting issues.

[Royal Records] Group of four completed service without issue. No further actions needed.

[...] The paladin needs to work on his spear-throwing skills. The druid... well, let's just say that his Animal Friendship spell is going to have many interesting uses. Charming a cat to sit on your head, while you climb down a tree? Oh, and the wizard. He's awfully strong, and I'd hazard a guess that luck has blessed him.

Session 2Edit

Month 7, Day 27Edit

[Order of Whispers: Internal Report] J/SO commotion unrelated to actions in J/Cap. Suspects contacted J/SO/M5, no leak reported. Proceed RA with Rall. (below, in unofficial ink: "I'm not sure what's going on, but the party also contacted some of the Light's researchers. We may need followup.")

Month 7, Day 28Edit

[Swarthmore Elder's Journal] Today I had another lovely group of visitors from the city come by. They seemed interested in the egg, as many of the out-of-town visitors seem to be. The half-elf was rather charming, too. Pity he didn't seem to enjoy my tea--I had to finish the rest of it after he had left. When will the other races learn about the wonderful flavor and warmth that tea offers? (The pen appears to have been cleaned, then returned to the journal with fresh ink.) They also seemed interested in talking to Krin, so I referred them his way. I hope he's still coping well with his physical issues... I should call on him later this week.

Month 7, Day 29Edit

[...] They entered the hill without issue. The druid transformed into a lizard and completed reconnaissance; he avoided the wire trap due to his height. Regardless, the party took the untrapped side entrance. They opened the Strength door first, then opened the Agility and Intelligence doors from behind. Turns out that the curse on the Intelligence door doesn't do anything when triggered from behind. They avoided the potential statue problem, although that was definitely due to extreme cautiousness. Then they met the Man-Duck. The druid attempted to charm it through its sleep, but it remained particularly hostile to the party. Its nest was lit on fire, and many called shots were taken at it, but it still managed to fly away. The party recovered the golden egg without incident, but decided to keep it for themselves... this is when the trouble begins, isn't it? (By the way, the paladin missed two more spears at a flock of crows and another one at a giant Man-Duck.)

[Arcanist Qira's Journal] There's something wrong. There's too much spare magic in the air. What's causing this? I can hear the calls of some relic nearby, but there's too much magical noise to search for it myself. Hmph.

Month 7, Day 30Edit

[International Banking Federation Records] 7.30.1601. San O'dia branch. Action-Loan: 3 samples of saffron seeds. Charge: 0 monetary value. Further Action: dispatch inspector at random intervals within next 7 days. We expect that the saffron seeds will see some form of accelerated growth. Case #58273

Month 7, Day 32Edit

[Herbology Department Transcript] /We've observed some abnormal growth in our specimens. Do you have any ideas what might be causing this? //I don't know myself. You'd have to check with some other professors to find out. /No idea whatsoever? That is a little... concerning. Have you seen abnormalities in your data as well? //I have, but I don't know how to parse it myself. Like I said, check with some other professors. Most likely it's some dratted first-year who accidentally set off a growth spell. /I will look into that.

[Library Search Records] User: Shelley | Time: 07321601.143659 | Runes: Lutia, History | Results: 495 | Searchtime: 0.84 seconds | Scribetime: 138 seconds

Month 7, Day 35Edit

[Royal Records] Reports of a new drug called "The Egg" have surfaced in the underground. A sample has been obtained, but it appears to have no significant difference than other known drugs.

Month 8, Day 2Edit

[International Banking Federation Records] 8.2.1601. San O'dia branch. Action-Followup: Case #58273. Results were satisfactory. Venture funding approved.

[International Banking Federation Records] 8.2.1601. San O'dia branch. Action-Venture: Provide mercenary guards, distributor, salesman, farmland, construction materials. Expected Investment: 50,000 gold initial, with 100 gold per month afterwards. Return: 30% of profits. Enforcement: Magical Law, c71t5

[Jensen Construction] 8/2/01, we started building a farming facility northeast of Cyran Bay. It should take about 4 weeks. Payment was received in full.

[Arcanist Qira's Journal] Just about one week later, the magical disturbance is gone. I'm fairly sure it's a lost form of nature magic, perhaps even divine magic. How did such a powerful spell become rediscovered? And why was it used again? Was it a relic? Couldn't be, or the Relic Hunters would be up in arms... More questions, fewer answers.

Month 8, Day 3Edit

[Research Journal of Rachel Carson] 08/03/1601. A group of interested adventurers contacted me today, regarding the elemental disturbances. They requested the location of the Temple of Ramuh, which I readily provided for them. They brought an aetherometer with them, which I hope will provide useful readings.

Month 8, Day 4Edit

[Report to FR Liberation|General Studies] Research has been going smoothly. I'm somewhat concerned about the potential for imbalanced global lightning-aspected aether, and have decided to reduce the output of the temple's energy. As if to answer this decision, two intruders earlier today stole my schematics. Thankfully the diagrams modify their components to become unconstructable when brought outside of my study, but this is still somewhat concerning. A return copy of my newest archived design would be appreciated. Signed, Professor Withorn

[Automatically Generated Message - Do Not Reply] 1601.08.04:18.41.26 Your message has been received, and archived as #00957163.

[Letter from Anchee Lee|General Studies] Professor Withorn, with the system please find your requested files. In the future please take additional precautions to avoid similar situations. -Secretary Anchee

[Automatically Generated Message - Do Not Reply] 1601.08.04:21.51.59 The previous message contains additional file(s). Please use your signet to unlock and receive your file(s).

Month 8, Day 5Edit

[Research Journal of Rachel Carson] 08/05/1601. The adventurers have returned with great haste. I have passed the data to Navo, who should find it useful.

[Appointment System of the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Jeuno] An appointment with [The Secretary of State] has been created, at date [08/08/1601] and time [10:00:00]. Internal routing number: [0081]

Month 8, Day 7Edit

[Order of Whispers: Internal Report] New code: A/4xT. Group talking with Prince of Altana about significant issues.

Month 8, Day 8Edit

[Secretary of State, Debrief Notes] Group was concerned about potentially risky magical research. Group was forwarded to Research Adviser. (Below, in significantly neater handwriting.) No concerns necessary; Withorn's research is progression without issue. Safety protocols have not been violated.

Session 3Edit

Session 4Edit

Month 8, Day 30Edit

[Jensen Construction] The clients have helped with construction, and we have finished one week ahead of schedule.

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